There were more than 100 entries and finally 44 designs submitted. The winner is the "Chameleon Chair" by Roos Kalff. And number 2 is "Pillow Up" by Emma Klinkenberg / Emma product design.


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Dates exhibition:

Elle Inside Design Amsterdam / Dutch Design Double: 24, 25 and 26th of September, 2010 from 10.00-18.00 hours. Address: Loods 6, KNSM-laan 143, 1019 LB Amsterdam.

Dutch Design Week: 23 until 31th of October, 2010, 10:00-18:00 hours (Thursday 28 and Friday 29 till 20 hours). Address: Klokgebouw, Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven.

Kameleon chair
Roos Kalff

Pillow Up
Emma Klinkenberg / Emma product design
Window signs
Esther Derkx
Festival tent
(Concept for a life insurance: 1 scaffolding sheet becomes 1 stage, become 6 pavilions, become 125 festival tents, become 1500 bags.)

Stijn van der Vleuten and Florian de Visser
Annemarie Piscaer
Studio Lotte Dekker
Chair (copy of Marcel Breuer's Wassily chair)
Jennifer de Jonge
Marlies Spaan / MeS Textiles
Bins and baskets
Marlies Spaan / MeS Textiles
Catharina Bossaert
S.O.F.A. (Sitting On a FAce)
Catharina Bossaert
Hang ‘out
Jorinde Verweij
Laurel & Hardy
Carlijn Bottemanne
Studio Lord Interior Architecture
Dinand Stufkens
Juul 2
Siobhan Burger
Crows Denn
(Combination of a dugout and a bamboo-framed tent, covered with recycled scaffolding sheets.)

Marianne Theunissen and Mikel van Gelderen
Fold vase
Annemiek Steenhuis
Plastic bag
Annemiek Steenhuis
Annemiek Steenhuis
Bag without hand
George Nijs
Jess Jorg and Pim Sanders
Twist!t loungebag
Che Eyzenbach
Twist!t filling of knotted strips
Che Eyzenbach
Lamp from mesh pvc
Marijke van Well
Block[ed] 2
Miranda van der Zandt and Ann Topliss
Block[ed] 3A
Miranda van der Zandt and Ann Topliss
Miranda van der Zandt and Ann Topliss
Caroline Dijkman / BLIK
Erik Flens
Wilma Boekholt
Emca Wildeman
Andreas Janssen
Own tent
Andreas Janssen
La Postina
Anne-Francesca Bossaert / StudioZomooi
The ‘Baktas’
Anne-Francesca Bossaert / StudioZomooi
Anne-Francesca Bossaert / StudioZomooi
Lay Down, Lay Pink
Product Design Fairy
Handout for children on recycling advertising sheets
Lilian de Jong/ Toewan
Dog pillow
Annette Berkhout
Decorative dog
Annette Berkhout
Linde Berkhout
‘Collection No 12’ consists of twelve designs
Dolf Robertus and Laura Lynn Jansen