Recycle, redesign and reframe!

What can be designed from old scaffolding sheets apart from bags? Thousands of kilos of advertising, scaffolding sheets are thrown away while on the other hand a sustainable re-use is highly feasible.

60 layers of cake foundation was curious how you can recycle these PVC-sheets and turn them into new products. The reason for the competition is 'Facade', an art exhibition on scaffolding sheets in Amsterdam (see also: After the exhibition we wanted to give the sheets a second life. The designs can be applied to the Facade-billboards but also to advertising sheets.

In September 2009 was the kickoff of the competiton, and in September 2010 we announced the winner: "Chameleon Chair" by Roos Kalff. Number 2 was "Pillow Up" by Emma Klinkenberg / Emma product design (See also: DESIGNS).


Designers, inventors and otherwise interested parties were invited to come up with a surprising design. The only restriction was the material being pre-used scaffolding sheeting (PVC Frontlit or Mesh). All entries are judged by an expert jury in the field of communication, design and sustainability. Jury members are: Tejo Remy (designer), Meindert van den Heuvel (director Interbest, exploitation advertising sheets), Arnoud Litjens (founder Invention Group and judge TV show 'Green Dream District'), Hans van Nood (creative director 60 layers of cake, collaborative communication) and Suzanne Oxenaar (artistic director Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy). Special attention was paid to originality and feasibility production-wise. Designs could be entered until April the 19th 2010.


The winning design is from Roos Kalff, the "Chameleon Chair". 60 layers of cake foundation had the intention to take the winning design into production. The chair is made and distributed as an advertising gift for Christmas 2010 by Interbest, operator in advertising masts. The gift was accompanied by the Facade book.

Next to this a large number of the designs were shown in an exhibition (design Jeroen Wand) during Elle Inside Design Amsterdam (September 2010) and the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (October 2010).

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The project has been made possible by DOEN foundation, Dutch Design Double / Inside Design, Van Straaten the image company, Interbest and Me Studio.